Neutrogena Hydro-boost Gel Cream? Why not?

Alright guys ,  so now after using this for almost a month or more I would like to state ‘The best’ I repeat its ‘THE BEST” I have come across.

With a dry-oily combination skin , it has always been hard to find products that suit my skin and work for me. An oily T-zone and the suffering along with it made me skip or either use any other random product. And then , I finally came across ‘The Hydro-Boost Gel Cream’.

HANDS-DOWN. The Best Formula.

– It re-defines moisturizing.

– Leaves the skin ‘Glowing’.

– The texture is Oil-free , non-sticky and silk smooth to touch.

– It is light and absorbs quickly into skin.


And the best part for me  , for a very light coverage when mixed with foundation it gives out the perfect results!!

Would I be buying it again? Definitely in my list.

Should you try it out? Why not? 😉


Banana powder , Baby powder or Both??

I think for me taking gaps between writing these blogs have just become a thing and being very very honest I personally am very annoyed with this habit. But as we say better late than never. So never late to post them blogs 😉

Before I begin , I thought my next blog should be about the very famous DIY hack for lashes using the baby powder but then why not bring it all together. The banana and baby powder. OUR BASIC NECESSITY FOR TODAY.

The ones that can do wonders!!

Carrying makeup all day starting from primer to pressed powders to contouring to peachy lip balms all of these. It has become so CAKEYY!! Getting that perfect wing or contour I just thought to myself its finally time to say  good bye to all. Not forever but for everyday use.

Breaking it to you > Banana powder and baby powder can cover it all for you.


– A bb cream and some banana powder to set it all.

– Some mascara and the baby powder hack under to give you the best fuller lash result.

What else do we need??

The peachy lip balm what also would work as a blush.


Last but not the least – Many people use the baby powder hack for the baking effect or I must say? To keep the under eyes at bay. But I think it just makes you look more whitey. Like the olden days :))

What do you guys think?



Keeping the pores away!

Hello fellas,

So finally back here after the massive break which wasn’t really one because weddinggssss!! but anyways. This time while working over one of my clients I came across that one kind of skin that needed a lot of work to gain a smoother look. why? Pores and dry skin!!

Now basically when you read of pores or research over they say dry skin doesn’t really make the pores look visible and that is something WRONG or what I didn’t come across. We are so inactive or busy that we have forgotten to care for our skin and so while through all the struggle to gain smoother skin I thought of sharing my basic routine to keep the pores away.

Pores are the small openings of hair follicles that are noticeable mainly over the forehead and the nose area. They make the skin look less smoother and un radiant.

The most important tip to keep pores at bay is cleansing and exfoliation.

  • When the skin is cleansed dirt is prevented from clogging pores.
  • Exfoliation / Scrubbing helps in removing dead skin cells which make the skin smoother and cleaner.

Rubbing ice is also one of the tricks that work instantly and have a lasting effect if used daily.



DIY REMEDIES – Skin Pigmentation.

Pigmentation refers to coloring of skin. Skin pigmentation is a disorder that affects the coloring of skin.

Skin gets color from melanin and when the skin cells get damaged , it starts to affect the melanin.

Skin pigmentation disorder can be divided into two types – Depigmentation and Hyper pigmentation.-

Depigmentation is the lightening of skin or loss of pigment in which the color of the skin starts to fade away.

Hyper pigmentation on the other hand is a common and harmless skin condition in which the skin becomes darker than the normal surrounding skin. It occurs when excess of melanin is produced .

The causes for hyper pigmentation are

  • Sun exposure
  • Hormonal change
  • Heredity
  • Acne
  • Botched skin treatment ( caused by acne / skin inflammation )

Sun exposure can be harmful causing freckles and age spots also the common areas affecting are face, arms and hands.

Hyper pigmentation can be treated at home using the following DIY remedies.

  • Lemon

Lemon is a basic fruit found in every household. The citric acid present in lemon acts as a bleaching agent and fades away the dark blemishes on skin.

Directions : Extract lemon juice and apply over face. For sensitive skin , dilute with water.

  • Potatoes

Potatoes are on of my FAVORITES , sadly not for eating but in terms for DIY remedies. yes. Potatoes contain amazing vitamins and enzymes in it that act asa bleaching agent and lighten skin tone. It is one of the best remedies to cure hyper-pigmented skin and dark circles.

Directions : Wash a small size potato. Peel and shred to get the water out. Apply the water over the affected area and let it dry. Wash with lukewarm water.

  • Vitamin E / Almond oil

Very well known for its amazing healing properties , almond oil is very well known for its absolute obvious treatment for hyper pigmentation. It neutralizes the effect of harmful UV rays.

Directions : Apply and massage over the affected area.




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Theroughandtough – Dandruff

Hello homies! So since a few requests I finally thought of writing over this really mind exhausting thing DANDRUFF. Since childhood I had never ever EVER thought I will be facing it but then life happens.

Dandruff is the most common disorder caused due to many reasons. Varying from irritated oily skin , dry scalp , eczema , over growth of yeast fungus to inflammatory skin conditions such as itchiness and dry flakes.

The symptoms may vary into itchy scalp and flakiness , red and greasy patches on skin and tingy feeling.

Now drugstore remedies might help but then include some of the elements which may damage the hair , skin cells on scalp thus reducing hair growth. Now that is why I always and always put myself forward to try more of home remedies and the best is they have always worked!


Before I start one thing is to be cleared .. to maintain beautiful hair , one needs to keep a healthy hair routine. So make sure to keep yourself on track.


Hands down coconut oil is one of the best remedies for any of the hair problems. It includes anti-fungal properties and helps in moisturizing dry scalp. All you do is massage on scalp and rinse after an hour.


ACV is also one of the finest ingredients found at home that just work great.  The acidity changes the pH level of the scalp reducing dandruff. It cleanses clogged pores and hair follicles clarifying natural hair.

Mix equal amounts of ACV and water and spray over scalp. wrap a towel around and let sit for 15 minutes, rinse.


One of the miraculous ingredients found home. This may sound very irritating to a few people but trust , the antimicrobial properties present in garlic helps to climinate the  dandruff bacteria , it also helps with hair growth.

mixed crush garlic with honey and apply to scalp. Rinse with lukewarm water.


Summer , Skin and hair.

A bit late but back to start x

Finally plans all set to be accomplished. Adventurous trips , beaches and what not?Summer is that time of the year when we all are ready to have some fun because who would not want to enjoy a lil sunshine after the colddddd winters.



Summer along with some crazy sunny days brings us a set of lot more trouble and living in Kuwait is no easy  way. Harmful heat , humidity , dry wind , sweat and the list just never stops. A bag filled with complete damage to our skin and hair. what a great gift ..

No matter how much I keep emphasising over hair and skin care , it will never be less. Just like our soul, it is what we wear. I know.. giving you an another increase in your stress level but that’s not what I blog about. All of the damage can be avoided with some love and care. Scroll down to know more.



Skin is the most exposed and easily neglected during summers. The harmful rays burn down more than we can imagine , more warmer and humid weather , the more dry and itchier skin. A lot of products are out in the market to keep us safe but do we really know and care?



Sun rays are the most powerful and proficient and can harm us in a very bad way. Sunscreen is one of the most important product to be used in summers. Now , a few of you may think why use a sunscreen when cover your face / body , you just got to sit in the car and then bamn in the office or staying indoors. The sun won’t bother but sadly that isn’t how it works. Sun rays are of kind that travel through the glass windows and penetrate through any cloth layer. so keep in my mind ladies and men , skipping sunscreen wont really help your skin better , well will just cause you more problems.



Sun and dryness! not a great combination really. Along with sunscreen , essentials include the daily proper use of a moisturizer. Its an key ingredient which helps in rejuvenating the skin by retaining moisture , regulating tissue repair and making the skin softer. Although it is important to use the right kind of moisturizer during the day and night. Thus , it is advisable to use water – based products that boost hydration during the daytime and oil-based , nutrient filled products during the night as it soaks up the benefit keeping the skin healthy.



Summer season means dry , dusty weather with humidity and a lot of sweat. Dead skin cells make our skin look dull and dry giving it a complete rough look. To avoid such , exfoliating skin helps with removal of dead cells which in turn regenerates the skin cells making the skin less itchier , look more radiant and healthier.



One of the most important tasks to do is keeping one self hydrated during the summers. Keeping the skin hydrated is most essential during the summer season. The more we sweat , the more we breakout. Thus adequate amount of water intake regularly keeps the skin fresh , clean and hydrated.



Just as the skin, Hair are also the most essential asset of our body and need to be taken care the right way. Summer can damage our hair in the worst ways. Exposure to high humidity , dusty windy weather and also sweat can increase dandruff , split ends turning our hair limp , lifeless and prone to hair fall. In such over-shampooing / conditioning hair is highly preferred but lesser known , its a big NO NO.



When the hair start to look dull and dry, it naturally leads to hair fall. To make the hair stronger , the best solution to hair care is oiling hair. Dry hair lacks moisture requires essential lubrication. Thus oiling penetrates nutrients deep into the hair making them strong and healthy.



Reducing the use of heat products can save you a lot of damage during the summer season. Hair drying / straightening has become a part of our life in such a way we forget the damage it causes to our hair (pretty much too on a daily basis). In such conditions when our hair are exposed 2 times ie : heat exposure through hairstyling and the UV rays our hair starts to damage. Along our long hot showers are the main root cause to hair fall.

  • HAIR DO’s

Trendy hairstyles and what not? Summer is the season where you’d want to flaunt your hair with the maximum bounce back and forth but do we think about the exposure? when hair are exposed under direct sunlight , our hair starts to fade the color away , become dry and itchier. For some , the sweat on scalp may turn the hair to secrete oil. Such can be avoided through lose braids and less hair exposure.


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Apple Cider Detox / Tea – Healthy skin.

So been a couple of weeks now that I have been avoiding all makeup and going anatural. The only products for my daily skin care regime includes a moisturizer , sunscreen and almond oil.

And very honestly my skin feels so better and fresher than before.

But that’s just not all!!

Being a DIY psychic it isn’t fair if I don’t follow the DIY queen “Farah Dhukai” and follow her remedies. And so I did give her recipe a try.

Apple cider detox / tea for glowing and healthier skin. TRUST ME using it did W-O-N-D-E-R-S! Like really wonders.



At first I did breakout but then my skin just keeps getting better.


  • Apple cider vinegar. (1|2 tsp)
  • Cinnamon. (1/2|1 tsp)
  • Apple juice. (1/4 cup)
  • Water. ( 3/4|1 cup (as you wish))

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)


Apple cider vinegar is such ingredient found in every household but the benefits of it are lesser known. Its rich in acetic , citric and malic acids. Also  vitamins , enzymes , mineral salts and amino acids which help regulate the Ph level of skin.

It prevents acne/pimples as it holds the antiseptic and anti-bactrial properties helping restore the skin’s Ph levels which prevents breakouts and also improves the skin tone.

Ps – It is the best way to cleanse body and get rid of toxins.



Cinnamon is one of the best natural anti-oxidants. It improves circulation ,thins blood and manages blood sugar levels.

Apple juice


Well , I always believed that eating healthy keeps you on the go but never knew it works for skin but the saying goes true ‘ An apple a day , keeps the doctor away ‘.

Apple juice helps in treating skin issues like inflammation , itchy-cracked skin and also wrinkles.



Water is very well beneficial for human body and the most important ever. But the *must* is adequate water intake.

Water keeps skin cells hydrated , flushes impurities and toxins out of system and keeps wrinkles away. It plumps skin cells which reduces breakouts and acne also making them look less wrinkled.

Without adequate water intake the skin appears dull and pores prominent. As when hydrated , skin becomes plump and elastic and is less likely to crack.

-As more into chilled drinks , I like to add ice cubes in too-

-Intake twice a week-

Ps- It does not taste bad. AT ALL 😛 and also does help with weightloss.


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Why Goat milk ? DIY REMEDIES.

DIY’s have always been very much interesting to me rather than all the market products not because they aren’t great but because home is where the heart is and so using all natural products always have provided me with great satisfaction.

DIY’s have been great as they have helped me understand my skin in a better way but the choice of choosing what to use and what not have always been a tough one.

Such was when I came across Goat milk and its benefits left me wondering if I should be using it or no .. I did give it a try and was truly AMAZED!! so here I am sharing it with you all.

Goat milk is rich in essential fatty acids and averages in 35% fatty acids making nutritionally whole some to cow milk. It contains precious skin minerals such as selenium , loaded with vitamin A , triglyceride and also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits for skin

Goat milk is another wonderful natural ingredient that just works wonders for skin. With the amazing minerals found in  it helps in delaying signs of aging , brightens the  skin keeping it smooth and moisturized.

Given are the following vitamins found in and how they help our skin rejuvenate.

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acid is an natural exfoliant which helps removing the dead cells and allows the renewal of new skin cells.

  • Vitamin A & E

These vitamins present in the goat milk  repair and renew damaged skin tissues. Also , Vitamin A helps fight acne and eczema.

  • Vitamin B6 & B12

Vitamin B6 and B12 helps with acne , uneven skin tone , wrinkles and dryness.

  • Vitamin C

This  reverses DNA damage and neutralizes free radicals.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for skin cell growth. It  helps in wound healing and also maintaining healthy skin barriers.

  • Triglycerides

It is an anti-oxidant that repairs and protects skin.

  • Calcium

Calcium helps in protecting  against dry skin and fine wrinkling.

  • Rich butterfat

The butterfat present in goat milk softens the skin. It fills cracks in skin , seals water in which inturn hydrates and moisturizes the skin.


Henna  , botanical name – Lawsonia Inermis also known as Mehendi/Mehndi is a flowering plant used by many men and women around the world.  Henna is a tall shrub/small tree , multi branched with spine-tipped branchlets and the nutrients found in are Alkaloids  and betulin.



It is an natural non-toxic agent used to dye skin , colouring hair , fingernails as well as fabrics.

Henna is most popularly known for body art and hair dye in the Asian and Arab world but it also carries some amazing health benefits given following.




Henna is known for its amazing wonders in hair care.

  • Henna cures dandruff and head lice.
  • Makes hair silky , strong , thick and healthy.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Healthy for scalp as it keeps the scalp infection free.



Henna acts as a therapic relief for headaches and migraines. It also helps with sleep problems.


Stronger Nails

Just like our hair and skin , Nails need special care and attention thus applying henna makes them strong and healthy. It binds to keratin on nails , strengthens cuticles and nails.



Feet Inflammation

Henna paste when applied under feet helps in easing the burning sensation.


Skin Problems

Henna paste combats skin problems such as

  • Eczema.
  • Burns/Allergies.
  • Prickly Heat.
  • Abscess.
  • Skin Inflammation.



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Bald Spots -DIY Remedies!!

Healthier hair are a sign of beauty . thick strong and shiny hair are life changing and also the first to attract but among all these the major and most exhausting issue we have been facing is ‘Bald spots’.

Where long shiny hair are considerd as a sign of beauty , bald spots lead to lack confidence in a person and more.



Bald spots ,alopecia areata in medical terms is a skin disorder that causes hair loss usually patches moreover the scalp. It is because the immune cells attack hair follicles which lead to hair loss. It affects a million of men , women ,children and genetics can play a major role.

There is no cure for it except encouraging hair growth but I certainly believe nature has got all.

Following are the DIY-home remedies for hair loss.

Onion Juice-



Sounds gross isn’t it? but this has just worked wonders. Onion juice contains amounts of sulphur , essential nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. When applied on scalp it helps stimulate hair follicles and allows maximum absorption. Just cut into half and rub over the scalp.

Cinnamon Powder & Coconut Oil


Cinnamon is a well- known spice and is being used for centuries in traditional medicine where as coconut rich in carbohydrates and vitamins is known for its wonders in haircare. Cinnamon powder and coconut oil when mixed together stimulate the scalp , increases blood circulation and penetrates in deep which help is hair growth.

Cinnamon Oil-



Cinnamon oil  when applied to surrounding areas of scalp channel blood flow to scalp and also stimulate blood growth.

A healthy haircare regime {shampoo-ing / conditioning / moisturising} is the the key to avoid fallouts. Also avoid using flat irons an blow-dryers!