Summer , Skin and hair.

A bit late but back to start x

Finally plans all set to be accomplished. Adventurous trips , beaches and what not?Summer is that time of the year when we all are ready to have some fun because who would not want to enjoy a lil sunshine after the colddddd winters.



Summer along with some crazy sunny days brings us a set of lot more trouble and living in Kuwait is no easy  way. Harmful heat , humidity , dry wind , sweat and the list just never stops. A bag filled with complete damage to our skin and hair. what a great gift ..

No matter how much I keep emphasising over hair and skin care , it will never be less. Just like our soul, it is what we wear. I know.. giving you an another increase in your stress level but that’s not what I blog about. All of the damage can be avoided with some love and care. Scroll down to know more.



Skin is the most exposed and easily neglected during summers. The harmful rays burn down more than we can imagine , more warmer and humid weather , the more dry and itchier skin. A lot of products are out in the market to keep us safe but do we really know and care?



Sun rays are the most powerful and proficient and can harm us in a very bad way. Sunscreen is one of the most important product to be used in summers. Now , a few of you may think why use a sunscreen when cover your face / body , you just got to sit in the car and then bamn in the office or staying indoors. The sun won’t bother but sadly that isn’t how it works. Sun rays are of kind that travel through the glass windows and penetrate through any cloth layer. so keep in my mind ladies and men , skipping sunscreen wont really help your skin better , well will just cause you more problems.



Sun and dryness! not a great combination really. Along with sunscreen , essentials include the daily proper use of a moisturizer. Its an key ingredient which helps in rejuvenating the skin by retaining moisture , regulating tissue repair and making the skin softer. Although it is important to use the right kind of moisturizer during the day and night. Thus , it is advisable to use water – based products that boost hydration during the daytime and oil-based , nutrient filled products during the night as it soaks up the benefit keeping the skin healthy.



Summer season means dry , dusty weather with humidity and a lot of sweat. Dead skin cells make our skin look dull and dry giving it a complete rough look. To avoid such , exfoliating skin helps with removal of dead cells which in turn regenerates the skin cells making the skin less itchier , look more radiant and healthier.



One of the most important tasks to do is keeping one self hydrated during the summers. Keeping the skin hydrated is most essential during the summer season. The more we sweat , the more we breakout. Thus adequate amount of water intake regularly keeps the skin fresh , clean and hydrated.



Just as the skin, Hair are also the most essential asset of our body and need to be taken care the right way. Summer can damage our hair in the worst ways. Exposure to high humidity , dusty windy weather and also sweat can increase dandruff , split ends turning our hair limp , lifeless and prone to hair fall. In such over-shampooing / conditioning hair is highly preferred but lesser known , its a big NO NO.



When the hair start to look dull and dry, it naturally leads to hair fall. To make the hair stronger , the best solution to hair care is oiling hair. Dry hair lacks moisture requires essential lubrication. Thus oiling penetrates nutrients deep into the hair making them strong and healthy.



Reducing the use of heat products can save you a lot of damage during the summer season. Hair drying / straightening has become a part of our life in such a way we forget the damage it causes to our hair (pretty much too on a daily basis). In such conditions when our hair are exposed 2 times ie : heat exposure through hairstyling and the UV rays our hair starts to damage. Along our long hot showers are the main root cause to hair fall.

  • HAIR DO’s

Trendy hairstyles and what not? Summer is the season where you’d want to flaunt your hair with the maximum bounce back and forth but do we think about the exposure? when hair are exposed under direct sunlight , our hair starts to fade the color away , become dry and itchier. For some , the sweat on scalp may turn the hair to secrete oil. Such can be avoided through lose braids and less hair exposure.


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