Bald Spots -DIY Remedies!!

Healthier hair are a sign of beauty . thick strong and shiny hair are life changing and also the first to attract but among all these the major and most exhausting issue we have been facing is ‘Bald spots’.

Where long shiny hair are considerd as a sign of beauty , bald spots lead to lack confidence in a person and more.



Bald spots ,alopecia areata in medical terms is a skin disorder that causes hair loss usually patches moreover the scalp. It is because the immune cells attack hair follicles which lead to hair loss. It affects a million of men , women ,children and genetics can play a major role.

There is no cure for it except encouraging hair growth but I certainly believe nature has got all.

Following are the DIY-home remedies for hair loss.

Onion Juice-



Sounds gross isn’t it? but this has just worked wonders. Onion juice contains amounts of sulphur , essential nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. When applied on scalp it helps stimulate hair follicles and allows maximum absorption. Just cut into half and rub over the scalp.

Cinnamon Powder & Coconut Oil


Cinnamon is a well- known spice and is being used for centuries in traditional medicine where as coconut rich in carbohydrates and vitamins is known for its wonders in haircare. Cinnamon powder and coconut oil when mixed together stimulate the scalp , increases blood circulation and penetrates in deep which help is hair growth.

Cinnamon Oil-



Cinnamon oil  when applied to surrounding areas of scalp channel blood flow to scalp and also stimulate blood growth.

A healthy haircare regime {shampoo-ing / conditioning / moisturising} is the the key to avoid fallouts. Also avoid using flat irons an blow-dryers!



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