Dry & Damage-Frizzy Hair

It’s been really long since I have posted here and coming back I thought to start with something that is never been talked about. The most requested ‘Frizzy hair’.  Been born with smooth straight hair , it was actually very hard to understand what frizz is and how it reacts to certain situations and  circumstances.. more over as much as I’ve researched all that I can say is Hair frizz is another form of stress and being very very honest ..there are nothing the can be done and treated overnight.. Only time and a lot of patience will work it all.


Frizz may be defined as curly dry hair / Messy hair or little strands that stand out .

The causes for hair frizz may vary due to different reasons 


Damaged Hair {Regular use of hair dryers , Coloring}

Humidity {Lack of Moisture}

Genetics play a very crucial role. Hair frizz is caused due to lack of moisture in hair and inheriting  genetically are impossible to turn smoother by any means until keratin or expensive treatments.


Frizz caused by damaged hair or humidity can be treated. The main reason for hair damage is over use of curling irons / straightners / blow-dryers , bleaching / dying hair , excessive hairstyling..as they burn the hair. Cotton pillowcase , over-brushing of hair and also shampoo-ing your hair frequently are also other few reasons for hair damage.


Hair Frizz can be cured but requires a lot amount of patience. Following are the treatments that can be used for smoothing hair.

-Hair Serums

Hair serums are a protein-rich liquids that coats the surface of hair preventing  from tangling also making them smoother and shinier.
They are best to be massaged over washed / damp hair from root to tips.

-Hot Oil Treatments

As mentioned in my earlier bog posts , Hot oil treatments work as pure magic for dry and damaged hair as it penetrates deep into the cuticle of hair. You can use any types of oil (Argan/Coconut/Olive) for the treatment and the results will be visible with time.
(once in two weeks)



Along with the serums and hot oil treatments another way to knock out frizz is deep conditioning your hair. As the hair are dull and dry standing out essential ingredients are needed to fight frizz and to regain moisture.
Choosing the right conditioner is much of a greater deal thus choose the best for your hair containing Vitamin E , Soy protein , shea butter and so..


Keeping one self hydrated adds a lot more to beauty.

Hoping these tips and information work well for you and not to forget patience is the key.





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