DIY Brow/Lash serum


Alright! The remedy has already been out since a week or so now and due to my extremely busy schedule I’ve not  able to post. So with no more delay lets start 😀

As everyone around is opting for fake eyelash / extensions im typing this down. This thing of choosing the popular has become so trendy that we fall out of whats the aftermath and at the end cry over it losing all the healthy lashes.

Being healthy has always been ones dream but that not only includes your physique or your hair or skin.. Little known and most probably avoided the maximum are our lashes and brows.

Now you guys might be wondering “How do you avoid your brows and lashes’ when you shape them regularly or tits just the lashes or use of mascara? We all have tried the different shapes for brows, gone through the thin shapes ,  Rubbed our eyes with mascara so hard that we wouldnt care if our lashes would fall out or not and have tried a thousand remedies to grow fuller hair back..which havent worked.

Personally speaking , born with very thin hair , light brows and broad forehead. I’ve always been very conscious during childhood ,got the ‘Alien” look from people..tried alot of remedies but guess what? nothing worked until recently I came across this DIY solution. The Best Ever.



All you Need

*Castor oil

*Almond oil

*Coconut oil

*Container (for storage)



In a clean container add equal amounts of oils mentioned and mix well. Use regularly at night over lashes and brows.

I prefer applying the serum with a clean mascara wand asit covers every thin hair.


PS : A little side of your dedication and patience is needed and the results will be crystal clear.





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