Pheww!! summer is finally away !! The heat , the tan and so on.. but winters bring a bag full of another problems!

The air during winter is frigid and dry outside , lacks humidity and the heat indoors harms us  more in a way we can’t even imagine. Of course going through all the reading and use of moisturizers and creams just wouldn’t work. We need to understand what causes the damage and work on it accordingly.

As mentioned over my earlier blog posts , our skin is what we are. It is the realest  of us to all and needs to be taken care of. Now you might be wondering how does winter harm our skin even though we cover it and keep ourselves moisturized all the time. Lets get a clear look  on what causes the damage and how to fix it.

Skipping Sunscreen : One of the common mistakes people make is not to use the sunscreen during winters because umm wheres the sun? Very well , the UV rays from sun reach the earth everyday whether cloudy/cold. Travels through glass even though you’re indoors. So wearing sunscreen throughout is a MUST!

Continuous showers : Taking showers with cold water is nearly impossible during summer or winters but that’s exactly how the damage is being caused. Hot water can’t be resisted during the winters but we need to know it depletes the natural oils from skin leaving the surface dry. The best to be done is limiting the shower to 5-10 minutes , a splash of cold water and apply a moisturizing lotion after.

Sweaters : Quite a shocking one and who would know? Sweaters directly effecr on skin which causes irritation. It’s better considered layering a soft cotton undershirt that acts as a protective barrier.

The first ever to be noticed. Lips speak a lot in terms of beauty and appearance .Everyone needs to look after them especially in the cold weather. Cold wind and dry indoor heat are the worst combination and ends up lips to dry , dull  and flaky lips. And for more worst conditions lets just add smoking in. As lips have no oil glands to keep them hydrated. Sore,itchy and bleeding lips are all left with.

-Petroleum Jelly : Petroleum jelly / Vaseline is a life savior here. Easy and quick to heal cracked lips

-Exfoliation : Exfoliating lips once a week is very much needed to soften lips.

-Lip balm : carrying a lip balm is a must to keep them from drying.

Hair ,  again a part of physical appearance matters a lot. The cold harsh and dry weather damages your hair in a way where its harder to retain moisture , making your hair brittle and prone to breaking. As the winter wardrobe becomes more sexier with scarves , hoodies , beanies or whatever.Your hair starts to frizz which leads to drier and itchier scalp that causes dandruff, dandruff  ends up with hair fall. Our hair at the end is all lifeless and dull… but happily it can be recovered.

-Conditioning and shampooing : Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. Conditioning and shampooing hair the right way makes your hair therapy a lot more better.

-Oiling hair : Oiling hair regularly clearly is the best remedy to strengthen hair and bring them to life. though oiling in winters may bring the thought of a chilly head , warm it up and boost the use.


NOTE : Keeping yourself Hydrated throughout is a very important task. It keeps your skin hydrated and fresh as well as flushes the toxins out of your body keep you Healthy and clean.


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