I don’t really know where do I start from ..the topic is so vast and important that whenever I sit in front of my screen and start noting down the key points my brain freezes and everything gets jumbled up! Though I don’t have the most fancy hair ..I’d love to share my experiences with my favorite diys.



well , a lot of us in fact every one of us want healthy hair but a very few maintain it , a fewer struggle to keep it healthy and eventually just leave them as they are which in my opinion is very very unhealthy. Personally having thin hair throughout, I think growing up every person has always dream’t of long healthy most importantly thick hair but as I said a few of us maintain.. and obviously experimenting hair colors / styles throughout my school years. i wasn’t one of them. resulting in a massive amount of damage! (hair fall, dry , rough and unhealthy hair)



The Hair growth generally depends on the type of hair you have and nourishment provided. The average human hair grows a 1/4 inch per month.



Hair plays an major role in a persons appearance and health. Healthy hair are a sign of health and youth and is considerd as a sign of beauty but apart from genetics healthy hair aren’t so easy to keep or have. Damage can be caused in different ways resulting in a huge amount of hair fall. Following are the reasons why you might be damaging your hair and not know
-flat iron/blow drying
-wrong shampoo/over-shampooing
-too much conditioning
-bleaching hair
-highlights/hair coloring
-tight pony tails



Now, as you know what leads to all of it, let me tell you how you can overcome the damage
– Know your hair type and use the shampoo accordingly. DO not over-shampoo . Massage into the scalp not rubbing the hair together bringing to your tips
– Do Not condition your hair everyday, it will result to a massive damage as it may increase the oil levels.
– Avoid excessive bleaching or coloring your hair within three months.
– Oil regularly. Many of the females in today’s generation avoid oil treatments but trust me the best way to recover your hair and turn them flawless is oiling regularly.
–  Do not use excessive heat products over hair as it burns the the layer of hair and makes your hair dull and dry.
– Trimming
I think the best treatments for your hair can be done best at home. The benefits of ingredients found in our homes are beyond our expectations.





EGG COCO-HONEY MASK (strengthening hair)
Many of you are going to be wondering if the coco is chocolate or something related to it but no honey it is my forever favorite Coconut oil again.. works wonders I tell you!!. Eggs contain a large amount of protein and fatty acids that helps reduce frizz , prevents breakage , brittleness and drying of scalp. Though it may smell really ugly the biotin present in works to renew hair roots , prevent hair loss and boost growth. Like wise coconut oil is a natural remedy to combat frizz and get rid of dandruff where as honey is an antioxidant which prevents loss of moisture and both together stimulate hair growth improving condition of growing thicker hair.
Ingredients required:
2 Eggs
1 tsp honey
2 tsp Coconut oil
Directions: Whisk all the ingredients together and apply over hair from root to tips. Leave for 25 minutes or till the mixture dries. Rinse with lukewarm water.


EGG MASK ( moisturizing) (yogurt|olive oil)
This mask is the best one so far to regain moisture for dry and brittle hair. As I’ve already mentioned the benefit of eggs let me tell you how yogurt and olive can help your hair look like the shiny mass of ocean you’ve been wishing for. Yogurt is a protein-rich food and is blindly found in every household. it is an acid that helps making the hair smoother and masks cuticle damage, split ends.talking about olive oil the uses go beyond everything!! The fatty acids keep hair healthy and protected coating the damaged layers and giving your hair sleeker and healthier appearance adding shine bringing your hair back to life.
Ingredients required:
2 eggs
1 tbs yogurt
1 1/2 tsp Olive oil
Whisk eggs, mix all the ingredients well and apply to hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water.

*For oily hair use egg whites only*


My favorite treatment for healthier hair is the hot oil treatment. Again, I use my forever coconut oil as it is the major trick working here..why? well the benefits and its wonders of course..MAGICAL!! Its a must conditioning process for my hair.

All you need:
-coconut oil
-hot water
Don’t keep wondering you don’t need to heat  oil and burn yourself. Massage the oil into your scalp from roots to tips for approximately 15-20 minutes. Aside soak your towel into the hot water  for 5 minutes and squeeze water out. Wrap the towel around your head and let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
*you can use any of the oils for this treatment*

Style your hair healthy and be the hot mess you can 🙂


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