Nourishing your Lips – My Favourite DIY

Okay! On a serious note I don’t know where do I start from?  Well umhmm so lip scrubs weren’t really bothering me until I realized the corners of my lips have started to become darker and dry because of my skin laser treatment (some issues)  and just how our hair and skin needs nourishment our lips do too which at that moment I wasn’t paying attention to.


As far as I think this is going to be quite shocking because a very few females / males regularly scrub their lips or look after and I don’t know why is it like that and not so important to people? Personally , I think appearance speaks a lot in terms of anything and if you’re going to talk to someone they’re surely going to note a lot…so if you’d want to know more on how and why keep scrolling..
The reason to dark , dull and dry lips is nothing but of course lack of nourishment. and you wouldn’t really want chapped / loosen lips now and throughout your life. Isn’t it? Exposure to sun , wearing lipsticks , smoking and what not! A thousand things from your eating to wearing obviously and among that the most common mistake us humans do is wearing petroleum jelly on/over (whatever you prefer) your lips and walking around in sun. Seriously that’s a HUGE mistake and the main reason you’re letting your lips darker! so just – NO –
Then, how to keep your lips nourished and moisturized?
There are a number of tips and tricks available from lip balms to moisturizers and so on but I prefer sticking to DIY as per two reasons *must * – all natural and fresh and , no storing so next time again it’ll be all fresh.
First of all and the main KEEP YOUR SELF HYDRATED PEOPLE!! Water it is. Secondly petroleum jelly.. yes you read it right but only before you sleep.
This is going to be very weird because many people over the internet use it for plumping their lips but here I am using it for nourishment, lightening and softer lips. Any guesses?

Yes, you’re right. its the Cinnamon Scrub!!
Ingredients needed:
* Cinnamon powder
* Olive oil

Take half a tsp of cinnamon powder and olive oil (as needed) to make a fine paste. Start using the paste in a circular motion over your lips and keep scrubbing for at least 5 minutes. Wipe it off with a tissue and wash with water. (twice a week)

How it works:
Cinnamon is a good exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells. It stimulates blood vessels that help improve fine lines and make your lips look smoother and lighter . Olive oil on the other hand is the best nutrient that helps as an anti-aging oxidant . Its healing properties help your lips look smooth and clean.

P.s. Its said Cinnamon stings and plumps your lips , but just as a side note it doesn’t sting and it does plump your lips (Stimulating blood growth) depending on how hard you use it over  and lasts only for an hour max.

S0 that’s all my favorite DIY.

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