Is it all Real? – THE HARD TRUTH.

Today , as the world is rapidly growing and moving forward.. we are looking for so many of new things , fancying over magazines and fashionistas , models and so on. The list ain’t stopping.


We are just drowning ourselves into it , just not wanting to face the reality . Our expectations are all rising above and it is getting so hard but we don’t understand. Isn’t it?.

We on our own , creating an image of the perfect! Clear and flawless that we when stand in front of the mirror , can’t look into the eye without complaining a bit about our self. Whether its your skin , marks , hair ,body , health or anything. We’d complain. But why?
All because of what the media is showing us? or the image we have in our head! But honey the hard truth is the healthy voluminous hair are just pure extensions that celebrity is wearing or the long lashes are probably false or perhaps extensions again. The clear skin you fantasize over is hidden under a lot of contour and makeup. The flawless shiny bright white teeth are all thanks to expensive treatments and of course for the perfect 0 size it maybe surgery or starving oneself to all the loves( choco and junk) and maintaining a healthy diet.

Just because what we look at we want ourselves the same way. With clear skin , no dark circles or stretch marks or scars . Healthy hair and thick lashes. A perfect 0 size and of course beautiful set of teeth i.e : just without any flaw.

Well, you can get it, all through different treatments and it wouldn’t harm but then it’s just not going to be us anymore. The person standing in the mirror will be someone else, just as the same person you’d see over covers and fantasize.

The truth is , your skin the scars , marks , physique or whatever.. is the real YOU and no one else has the power to be you.You are beautiful in your own way and that is you story.
Don’t let it be someone else ❤

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