We live in a world where going out all natural or with makeup on may be the damage we cause to our skin. Certainly ,we are passing through this phase in life where we are exposed to sun , heat , harsh weather conditions on a daily basis – no way escaping it. Whether it is the summer time or the cold winters , moisturizing skin is the basic needed.
Our skin is what we are ,  trying so hard to keep it flawless experimenting so many serums and creams and moisturizers , we don’t think of the reactions that may occur never the less the results show a while later and that is when our skin speaks for its own.

Healthier skin is a healthier way to life and your lifestyle speaks a lot about your skin. Depending on how you care, healthy skin is no easy task. A tons of medications are available , and so the DIY home remedies are all over internet but which one do we go for? is it all healthy ? not harmful to our skin? The same questions were all on my mind while I was brainstorming to get a healthy glowing skin and then I did found some amazing remedies that are beneficial..

As flawless skin is considered the main element of our beauty here are a few ingredients found at home listed below to get you the healthy change you want!



Turmeric is the main ingredient used in most of the asian households and can not be skipped in many of their foods. It includes amazing properties that are beneficial in terms of health and beauty. Turmeric includes more than 300 antioxidants that removes the dead cells ,help the skin repair and heals it internally as well externally. It is the most known beauty agent for fairness and is also used for dry skin.
Directions – Take a little amount of turmeric , add honey / yogurt and make a paste. Apply it over face for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cold water. Use once a week.


Honey since a very long time is very well being used for ayurvedic medicines. As sweet as it is, it holds a number of benefits for skin. It has the ability to absorb and retain moisture as well as helps skin hydrate and fight acne.
Directions – Apply raw honey on face for 5-10 minutes . Wash with lukewarm water. Also , you can add a few drops of lemon.



Baking soda is a basic ingredient found in every household. Much known in beauty for its whitening techniques , baking soda includes antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which helps skin look smoother , cleaner and fresher in the most inexpensive manner. But please note , excessive use of baking soda possibly also damages the skin.
Directions – Take half a tsp of baking soda , add a few drops of water to make it in to a fine paste. Apply over face and let dry. Rinse with cold water. Use once in two weeks.



One with a healthy diet  would never face any of the skin problems. Cucumber has high water content in it what keeps one hydrated also it flushes out the toxins from the body. Cucumber is much famous in healthy salad diets but also very much known in beauty and skin care. Many of the skin care products such as scrubs or masks include cucumber water in it but what is better than using it all natural? Cucumber helps soothe irritation , reduce swelling and puffy eyes
Directions – Cut into slices and place over the face. Also , you can peel the skin and grind the cucumber to make a puree, add yogurt and mix well. Apply the paste over and rinse.



Coconut oil is one of my favourite ingredients for skincare. It includes antioxidant properties and benefits our skin in ways we can’t imagine. It recovers dull and lifeless skin leaving it smoother and cleaner.
You can also check out my blog post  “My one solution to anything – Coconut oil”for skin care remedies at home.


One of the most amazing techniques for a clearer skin is using ice cubes over skin. it improves blood circulation that diminishes the appearance of pores,helps reduce swelling , wrinkles leaving skin fresh and beautiful.
Directions – Rub an ice cube over your face for 5 minutes everyday.



Yogurt is a high protein miracle ingredient found in every household. Along with its ability to lose weight and fix digestive problems yogurt is very beneficial for your skincare. With its nutritious goodness it exfoliates the skin , prevents breakouts and help diminish wrinkles and lines. It also moisturizes the skin and reduces discoloration.
Directions – Apply plain yogurt over your face . Also you can make a paste by adding honey / Lemon. Rinse after 15 minutes.



Oranges are an very well known and also excellent source of vitamin C. Rich in antioxidants , orange holds a number of benefits for the skin. It helps in removing blackheads ,dark spots and blemishes also refines pores , help in adjusting the oil levels and reduce dullness. It is very beneficial for dry skin problems.
Directions – Let dry the orange peels and grind to powder . Add yogurt to the  powder to make a fine paste. Apply over face and let dry. wash with cold water.

Also, ingredients like MINT , LEMON ,  FULLER EARTH (MULTANI MITTI))  are very beneficial for your skin and can be easily found at home.The benefits of all go beyond our imagination.  For its benefits and  DIY remedies check out my blog post “my worst nightmare – waking up to acne”


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