Funny isn’t it? Ever since the time I’ve come across this quote/ meme it has become one of my FAVOURITE’s. why? maybe because when questioned i’d answer casually and clear all doubts. makes sense? No? its okay.
In today’s fast growing world, we have been occupied in such a way where when at the end of the day, look at ourselves in the mirror all we see is exhaustion. Exactly. pure exhaustion reflecting back to us. Eeks , scary!!!

The causes for this exhaustion may vary into a long list of whether you are eating well, sleeping well , crying yourself or thinking over things , your unhealthy diet, or basically for apparently no reason drenching your soul to tiredness who just wants to live happy and peacefully but damn. You, yourself are up to no good, not really your fault but a bit .

we can’t just let things flow the way they are, maybe in someway but some things need  to be taken care of. Anyways i won’t be getting into more philosophical or sad talks so here we go..
Dark circles / Eyebags or whatever you prefer to call it are the reason we need expensive concealers to look pretty..not really of a greater / bad deal but at times we do want to just let go of all makeup and breathe in our own skin but then again the fear of uneven skin tone . Not to worry I’ve got some classic(because fancying is always good. ha ha) home remedies to get rid of those dark circles so you live your ever after happily feeling fresh and clean.

Ummm just as delicious fries are..that’s exactly hows this amazing technique will work for puffiness or bags around your eyes. Potatoes have these vitamins and minerals , amazing bleaching agents present in that helps to lighten the dark areas on your skin. This one is the BEST out of all ,also you start seeing the differences within a week.

Peel the potato , shred and extract the juice. Apply the juice over the desired area using a brush. you can also include the shredded potato. keep it over for 10 minutes at least or till it dries. wash later.

Mint is a very popular herb and well known for its benefits including skincare problems. It works as an antiseptic and helps soothing the skin providing a cooling sensation. For a healthy and glowing skin I will always prefer the use of mint leaves in your diet also it is beneficial for digestion , weight loss and depression.
Take a little bunch of mint leaves and bring to boil. when done you can pour the boiled mint water to a spray bottle and use it regularly. Make sure you keep it in a cool place.

Rose water is very well- known in terms of skin care and is used in most of the products. It can be used as a cleanser , moisturizer , toner , body spray and what not? It is an amazing ingredient that provides a lot of benefits for your skin also helping to regain the nourishment and heal any sort of skin problems. I personally use rose-water DIY spray on a regular basis and it helps me to keep my skin soft and smooth also even toned.
Directions :
Use a cotton ball ,soak in rose water and apply it over the eye area , also including the eye lids. This can also be used all over the face. Use thrice a week.

Almond oil is being used since a very long time in terms for beauty and also healing skin care problems. It is a miracle for enhancing complexion and ows a number of vitamins and minerals in it . It helps skin glow healthier and also reduce dark skin tone as vitamin E helps rejuvenate the skin.
Apply and massage little of almond oil under eyes before bed. Can be used everyday

Note-I’ve come across two kinds of almond oil and its the sweeter one we use..

Many wouldn’t believe this but green tea is an powerful antioxidant that has amazing effects over our body. I’ve come across this remedy and have been trying this for a very long time now. Green tea bags work in a very short time reducing the swelling and puffiness around our eyes as caffeine helps in shrinking the blood vessels.
Brew two tea bags , let them cool for 10-15 minutes( I prefer keeping them in freezer for 10 minutes). Place the tea bags on both of your eyes for approximately 15 minutes.

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