My one solution to anything – Coconut Oil.


Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods of all and high in natural saturated fats.We never realize it but the benefits of coconut oil go beyond our expectations. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I started using it on my own and the results have turned out to be pretty amazing.
Head to toe , this is a one in all miracle that works completely without harming your body in any way.
Skin Care
As far as I remember I’ve tried all kinds of oils over my skin experimenting ways to get rid of the dull , dry and acne skin , it does work but feels so heavy over that one day I just had to stop.
Thankfully, Coconut oil is the lightest one I’ve found and is best in improving skin issues.It helps with inflammation internally and both externally and also be worked as cleanser , moisturizer and a sunscreen too. Good news is it can be used as for all skin types without causing any irritation.
Directions : As for my daily skin care ,I use a tiny amount of coconut oil after my face wash as it helps in keeping my skin fresh , smooth and clean. I also use it with my foundation as a moisturizer and  for better coverage.
Hair Care
Honestly , hair is something we can not afford to lose and with our daily hectic routines we care less about what we do. Straightening / Blow-drying / tie-ing up wet hair /flat ironing. All of these harm our hair in a very critical way. We all go through this crazy phase in life where we experiment our hair with colors , haircuts and so much more which with time starts affecting our hair leaving them damaged, dull, dry, thin and what not. Coconut oil includes is the healthiest oil and twice effective as others.Again will say this, I wouldn’t have believed it works until I started using it.During my school days , i’d seen girls with thick and shiny hair and if i’d ask how is it? the answer would be ‘ i oil them regularly or perhaps on a daily basis too’ which I thought was just a joke maybe but now I know . Coconut oil is perfect for improving your hair damage as it controls dandruff , brings shine and also helps your hair thicken ,creating the amazing volume you’d ever want.
Directions : You can take a minimum amount of oil and massage it on your scalp starting from the neckline and bringing it on top. For quicker results , use it 30 minutes before shower.
Oral Care
This maybe the most unbelievable trick I am typing out here. Sounds as gross but is the best ever and also greatly known for your oral care. coconut oil is a very effective oil with higher concentration and is used since a very long time. It is known best for its oil-pulling technique which helps in cleansing the mouth bacteria and prevents gum disease and tooth decay. It also helps your teeth get rid of stains and help then whiten as well as be strong.
Directions : Take one tsp of coconut oil , swish it for 10-15 minutes and rinse. For whiter teeth , take 1/4 tsp of turmeric and add 1/2tsp of coconut oil. Keep in for 10 minutes and rinse. Brush later with toothpaste. the results will be visible after the first use. ( use it once in a week)

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