My worst Nightmare – waking up to acne. (Quick DIY Remedies)

14556084_351352261873626_1496205952_nFresh , clean and smooth skin? Maybe a DREAM!

Throughout high school – college my worst nightmare has been acne. At times, It has been by my side for several months jusy like a sugar lover!!.Adolescent , teenage or adulthood ,  All of us have passed  or is still passing through the phase of having acne and none of us want it. Being in teens or adulthood , we carry the fear of being judged , no matter what it has always been  a discomfort.

We have been so busy with our lives , experimenting all the chemicals( we get our hands on from markets) we just don’t think of what we are up to. Our skin is precious and our closest best friend. Who wouldn’t want clearer skin? Even if we do have, let there be any occassion and the love is going to be visiting soon ._.

I have personally  been through acne period for a very long time. Frustrated ,annoyed and tired of all I have tried all kinds of medications. The best I’ve found that works for any skin type  is the natural skin care regime .There are a plenty of tricks found home to avoid acne or prevent it and I have tried tons. A few helpful ones have been listed below:


Yes!! It may sound very weird but it is the most easy remedy to fall off the nasty pimple that isn’t leaving your skin since days. Toothpaste does help to dry acne and prevent it from popping any time sooner.

Directions – Apply a thin layer of toothpaste (I prefer one with mint) and keep it overnight. Peel it off by morning and there , your skin smooth as silk.



Smells gross isn’t it? vinegar includes acids that act as antibiotics and antiseptic that help prevent acne. It also cleans away dead skin leaving your skin fresh. Good news is , it also helps get rid of acne spots and dark skin tone.

Directions – Mix equal amount of vinegar ( any) & water. Soak cotton balls in apply and wash it by morning. Use up to 2 weeks for results.



Also known as Fullers earth( that’s what I found on google :P) is a mineral ingredient found mainly in Asian regions. It used for treating , cleansing and curing skin as well as hair.

Directions –  Mix 1tbsp of multani mitti  with 1/2tbsp of rose water & 1/2tbsp water into fine paste. Apply it to the affected area( or face) and leave it to dry. Rub the mixture out and wash with lukewarm water. For better results use daily.



Lemon is very well – known for being used in skin care products. It is used as a moisturizer and even skin bleaching agent. Apart , just as the vinegar, the citric acid in lemon helps burn acne and also help your skin glow.

Directions – Cut a lemon into half. You can either squeeze the citric acid in to the bowl and use it with the cotton pads or slice lemon and rub it over the affected area.



Its always important to keep oneself hydrated. Apart as with my skin regime I use and keep rosewater spray all days and always no matter where I am for fresher and healthy looking skin. Also you can add “Facial Cleansing Bar for Acne-Prone Skin by neutrogena” to your skin care routine.. Its the best I’ve used so far.

and….Dreams do come true ❤

Feel free and let me know which remedy works Best for you. Also you can ask me questions or leave a comment below.



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