Again and Again? A thousand of creams , moisturizers, oils and what not? and again it ends to same? De-pigmentation or dark skin , more over less if not so. SPOTS. No woman ever feels perfect within the skin she is gifted by  god. Even if she does, she’d always want some more of it? well , woman after all.

I’ve personally faced all of this and still do and being a teenager it all ends up to financing!! or even a woman in 20’s or 30’s its requires a lot of thinking skills whether to go for expensive treatments or not? A tons of questions whether it’ll work out or not? If its safe for your skin? What if it harms my skin? and so on.

Think about how refreshing , glowing your skin be if you take care of it just how it is supposed to be. Uhhhh..PERFECT isn’t it? well all you need to do is move your lazy ass and find it in your home. YES. its all in there. The best remedy for your skin – water. Indeed, Just how your body needs to be hydrated so does your skin.

Apart for a healthy and glowing skin , to lighten your skin tone this is so far the best DIY I’ve tried and guess what it works 😀

All you need is patience and you will see it all working..


-Yogurt (1 tbsp)

-Turmeric (1/4 tbsp)

-Honey (1/4-1/2 tbsp)

Yogurt-Turmeric-Honey all together work best for your skin. It helps your skin glow . refresh and also leaves it smooth and soft.

Not more to be said try it out and let us know.
Good day!tumeric-mask


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